Caesarean, Skin to skin & bonding

Some people called me crazy, they told me their horror stories either from their own experience or something they saw on One Born Every Minute. I listened, I watched the programs and I read everything I could find. I could not wait to give birth to my baby, I wasn’t scared at all.

I had an open mind about pain relief, I wanted to go as natural as I could for as long as I could, but I wasn’t going to try to be a hero. The only thing I really didn’t want, was a Caesarean section. For a few different reasons, one being for me, personally, having a baby cut out of your stomach just doesn’t feel right. The other reason was because I had read so many articles about that initial skin to skin contact and how important it is for bonding with your baby.




My beautiful baby boy was born at 34 weeks, not only was he premature, but when I went into labour he was in breach position and it was all happening very, very quickly. So I had no choice, for the safety of my unborn baby I had to have a C-section. I pleaded with the midwife, but there wasn’t time to try to turn him, we had to do this, Now.

They let me kiss George and have a quick photo with him and Sam, then they took him off to Neo Natal. I didn’t see George for 6 hours after that, I was told to get some sleep, I could see him once I could get myself into a wheelchair. Get some sleep?!! There was no chance of that, I lay in my hospital bed forcing the feeling back into my legs. I lay there worrying that my baby wouldn’t love me or know who I was. – All because of what I had read online.

I understand that skin to skin contact is important, but I don’t think it is said enough, that if you don’t have a choice, if your baby is whisked off and you are terrified and tired and drained; physically and emotionally, you don’t have to worry about your baby not knowing who you are. You most definitely can still bond with your baby hours after birth.

So many women have had a similar experience to me, one minute I was at home in bed, 3 hours later I had, had a major operation and I had a son! It’s such a crazy time, my experience wasn’t the magical, hippy vibe, water birth that I imagined, and sometimes I feel like I failed at the last hurdle. I think it is because of these articles, that I felt that way, and I know from speaking to other new mums, I am not the only one. So I wanted to post this, in a hope that it will stop someone from worrying the way I did..

I have a healthy, gorgeous baby boy. Who by the way, loves me and definitely knows who I am, we bonded just fine.





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