The year that made me a grown up

I haven’t posted in months, I have been really busy.. here’s whats been happening..

Sam and I had been ‘saving’ – if you can call it that, to buy our first home. When I say saving I mean, going out and doing everything we wanted to do and if there was any money left at the end of the month, putting it into a savings account. The way we were going it would have been 2030 by time we had a deposit together.

Then, on February 7th we found out we were pregnant! Best. News. Ever. We was over the moon, but our little rented flat was not big enough to have a baby! We got our heads down and we saved like we had never saved before. This is partly why I haven’t blogged, I hadn’t bought any new makeup or done anything exciting to blog about!



My pregnancy was amazing, I absolutely loved it. I was healthy and glowing, although my bump was HUGE! Everyone thought we was having twins, I couldn’t hide the bump by 13 weeks. I loved my big bump.

On the May bank holiday we reserved a new build house, to be ready for us on September 27th. Just in time, the baby was due October 16th. On the 21st of August we got a phone call to say our house would be ready early, 5 weeks early! We could move in on the 1st of September, we were so excited.

We were so pleased to have an extra 5 weeks in the new house before the baby came, we could buy all our new furniture, Sam was going to build wardrobes, I could wash all the baby’s clothes and get the nursery ready … Or so we thought.

BamBam (our nickname for the bump) arrived, 5 weeks and 4 days early, at 2:13am on Thursday 7th September 2017.. we met our perfect, tiny baby boy.

This Love is Unreal!

So yeah, 2017 was the year that made me a grown up – my favourite year so far.




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