One thing I changed to clear my bad skin


Recently my skin has been worse than usual, I thought I was doing everything right and nothing was helping. In the end I thought I would just have to give up wearing any face makeup for a few days! I use Double wear foundation most days and it is very heavy. So, Day one of no face makeup lasted approximately 2 hours. #Fail

I took my self off to Debenhams (Chelmsford) and the lady at the Clinque counter was so helpful. She wiped my face with a cleanser and when she showed me the cotton pad I was shocked. I had washed, cleansed and toned my face as usual, but the pad was dirty with foundation !! So this was why my skin was so bad!

Clinique – Take the Day Off

This is a makeup remover that was recommended, it is in the form of a balm. I was a little skeptical that rubbing something over your makeup would get it off, but oh my god its amazing! It actually
removes Double wear properly (as well as all the other powders and potions I put on)! Just use your fingers to rub a small amount all over, including your eyes then wipe away with dry tissue or cotton pads. No more breaking your eyelashes with wipes either.

This product is for all skin types, 100% fragrance free, non drying and non greasy. It comes in 125ml tubs at £22. – (Correct RRP in January 2017)

image2                                     image1

I also picked up a clarifying lotion for combination skin, that’s working a treat and was given a free sample of the Moisture surge moisturiser too!

The verdict

This is hands down the best makeup remover I have used. Easy to use, does the job  and will last ages! It may sound silly but are you actually getting your makeup off properly? If you suffer with bad skin it might be as simple as using a better remover, it’s worked for me 😀


*I paid for these products myself, these opinions are entirely mine.

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