Monday Motivation

Fantastic – When being good is not enough


This blog is all about getting yourself motivated, whether it’s to boss this week at work or just get out of bed. Hopefully once you’ve read this you will be raring to go!

Through work at the salon I have been on lots of courses made by a very motivational man, Alan Austin Smith. Alan (an ex hairdresser) and his team at ‘The Fantastic Hairdresser’ have been motivating people for more than 25 years. After lots of success with hairdressers, Alan wrote a book called ‘Fantastic’- which relates to everyone, in all fields of work and home life.
There was something in the book that I found really interesting, so in my own words I wanted to share it with you..


What is success?

Success to everyone is different, it might be to be compete in the Olympics, be the boss in the office, own a fast car or to have your own family. So, whatever it may be, whatever it is that gives you that little feeling of excitement in your tummy, you have to know what it actually is that you want, before you can even begin to be successful.

Think about it, what do you really want..?

Another point Alan writes about is taking responsibility, something we need to do in order to become successful. I think something we are all guilty of, is moaning about something but not doing anything about it!

image2.PNG“If you don’t change what you are doing, nothing is going to change.”

If you want a pay rise, go and ask for it, it’s unlikely your employer is going to give you extra money out of the blue.

If you want the latest pair of trainers, save up and go buy them.

If you want to start your own business, even if it’s really, really scary, guess what?- No one is going to start it for you.

Something I’m sure we all hear a lot is, “I don’t have time.’ – If you really want it, you will make time.


Sometimes the things we want might mean taking a risk, I think we have to ask ourselves, is it worth the risk?

Would I be happier to say I tried and failed, or I never tried at all?image3.PNG





I could go on forever, but the point is, not a lot in this life is given to you, and even less is free! So, work out what you want, stop waiting for other people to do it for you and go get it.


You can buy Fantastic here







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