Master Class at Aveda

So last year I was lucky enough to spend two days learning from two of the most talented ladies in the Hairdressing world.


Some of you may look at he pictures below and think what the hell is that?! I wouldn’t blame you either. These looks are not anything we would ever create in the salon for everyday life. The point of these creations was to push the boundaries, think out side of the box and be creative. We are hair stylists after all.

This is what I had created by the end of the two days, with hair tint and a false fringe.

Jo Mckay is Aveda’s Technical hair specialist for Europe and Bea Watson is Aveda’s Global styling technician. Together they are one of the greatest editorial teams there are!

Together they inspired us ‘everyday hairdressers’ to become artists. So here are a few pictures of what we created.

Here I used a crazy style to compliment the colours underneath.


Bea working her magic!



Bea & Jo know exactly how to compliment each others work!

For more inspiration, you can find them both on Instagram!
Bea Watson  &  Jo Mckay



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