My Boyfriend & My Makeup

I saw a post by Sophie about her boyfriend explaining what he thought her makeup was. Iv’e since read a few more and they all made me giggle, so I put Sam to the test! I should add that he is a Builder & Carpenter..


“Oh, before you put makeup on your face, like paint primer?”


“Something that fills up the gaps in your face”


“To make your face Orange”


“Ermm..Something you put on your face to erm, whats the word?..To highlight your you know what I mean?..Like, I don’t know.”

Contour Kit

“To make your face whiter”


“Oh well that’s to shadow your eyes”


“Draw lines on your eyes”


“On your eyelashes to make them thicker”

Brow Kit

“To draw on your eyebrows for some reason, I don’t know why you do that.”


“To have different colours on your lips”


So to sum up, I have an Orange and White face with gaps and shadowed eyes! I hope this made you laugh as much as it did me. I’d love to read what your boyfriends/sons/brothers think you do to your face!







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