Well Being- by Liz Earle

There are so many different products on the market, how are we supposed to know what to go for when it comes to skin care? If you are anything like me, you buy whatever the sales rep tells you will work and end up with a draw full of half empty lotions, toners and creams worth a small fortune!

I have never taken any notice of these skin care products that you can make at home until today, when Liz Earle was on This Morning. Liz Earle is an entrepreneur from The Isle of Wight, 15 years ago she was frustrated with the lack of natural products available and so it all began.

Having made millions through her skin care business, I thought I can’t ignore these hacks.  That’s when I discovered there is a whole website by Liz Earle, dedicated to wellbeing. There are beauty DIY hacks, advice on food, even home and garden! Its a lovely website filled with useful information. You do have to sign up to actually view the blogs. Signing up is free, quick and easy and well worth it. My fave post so far is the Banana face mask. Take a look, let me know what you think.






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