Yayoi Kusama – Polka Dot Princess

Yayoi Kusama, otherwise known as The Polka Dot Princess. Born in Japan on the 22nd of March 1929 is known as one of the most important living artists. She is a lady that fascinates me, not only for her eccentric ways and abstract art, but for how she dealt with what life had to throw at her.

Yayoi knew she wanted to be an artist from a very early age. Her mother took away all of her art tools and told her she was to marry a rich man. She rebelled and moved to New York.



Not only did Yayoi go against her family to pursue her dreams, she also suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and hallucinations. She once said she didn’t want to cure her mental illness, she wanted to use it as a generator for her art work. Yayoi checked herself into a Physiatrics Institution back in Japan in 1977, where she has an art studio and to this day continues to create her wonderful artwork at age 82. She got through the panic attacks by painting something repeatedly. She called this ‘Obliterating’ the attacks. Starting on a canvas, then spilling onto the walls and floor. Her art is out of this world.




You can find out more about Yayoi Kusama HERE





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