Christmas at home

I know Christmas is all about family, but I am a hairdresser so it’s also about the busiest month of the year in the salon. My lovely family live on the Isle of Wight, each year I finish work and drive to my loved ones. We have a wonderful couple of days together then I come back to Essex to get straight back to work.. Well thats what has happened for the last few years anyway.

This year..2016..I am staying in my own home!

Yes I will miss my family but I am SO excited to wake up in my own bed and spend the day with Sam. And just to top it off, I have been blessed with a man that can cook, which leaves me to ‘sip’ wine and dance around to Jingle Bell Rock.

For our first Christmas at home together we decided we will start a tradition. Each year we will buy a personalised bauble to hang on our tree. I got one personalised from Our one reads, “Becky & Sams First Christmas 2016.”


My photography skills aren’t quite pro enough to capture engraved writing on glass, but this is it. Our first bauble to begin our little tradition. Cute aye!

Let me know what you think in the comments..





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