Lotions & Potions

There are lots of reasons why I love winter, big knitted scarfs, a million candles lit on those cosy nights in, fluffy bed socks tucked into pyjama bottoms..the list goes on. There are also many reasons why I don’t like the cold, one of them being how dry my skin gets!

Working in the salon, I am constantly washing my hands of product so they get very dry, very quickly. At the first sign of cold weather I become obsessed img_1599with hand creams, there is one in every room of my house and always in my handbag!

My Go-To cream is Aveda Hand Relief. With ingredients like Hydrating plant extracts and anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and E it soothes the soreness of dry, chapped hands. You can get three 40ml bottles in a Christmas Gift Set at the moment – perfect hand bag size!

For the rest of my body I use Aveda Shampure Body Lotion after I shower, it isn’t sticky or clammy and soaks in almost instantly. I add a couple of drops of Aveda Beautifying Oil to the lotion for my elbows and knees and anywhere else that might need a little extra loving.

Get your Aveda moisturizer Here






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