How to survive the Christmas work do

Lucky for me I love the team at Westwood’s so the Christmas work party isn’t something I dread. Although I know for a lot of people there is a huge amount of pressure that comes with socializing with their superiors.


So I have put together a little a little Survival guide..


Choose your outfit wisely. Your sexy clothes are for when you are on the pull. Do not try to pull your boss, manager or any other of your colleagues! Shoes are important, don’t try to impress with 6inch sky scrapers, you’ll probably fall over and never hear the end of it – (I’m talking from experience).img_1537


Talk about something other than work, this is the time for your colleagues to get to know  YOU!


If you’re do just involves drinking without dinner, eat before you go. Yes, I know, eating is cheating but you’ll thank me when you’re not the one rolling around on the floor.


When your office buddy dares you to down 5 Sambuca shots, do it together!! If one of you is going down, you’re both going down. I think I was supposed to write something like “politely decline img_1579and sip your wine.” But where’s the fun in that?


Always remember, everyone has social media. If you forget that you dance like Carlton, you’ll never forget it again.
Good Luck 😉

Let me know your best work party stories in the comments!!




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