Aveda and our Earth

As you may know I work in an Aveda salon – Westwood Hairdressing, Chelmsford. Aveda will be mentioned in many of my posts, so I want you to know what I am talking about and why I rate it so much.

What is Aveda? Why is it different to any other brand?

Aveda was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978, he had a huge interest in making products without using toxic chemicals. He is all about giving back to the planet and wellness for the people. This is where the ‘AVEDA MISSION‘ comes from.


Aveda manufactures plant-based hair care, makeup, skin care, Pure-fume and lifestyle products. They have raised more than £44 million to help support organisations that deal with environmental change by celebrating Earth Month.

Earth Month is all about protecting clean water and is held in April. During this time the whole Aveda Network do all sorts of things to raise money and awareness. From a bake sale to an overnight bike ride, every little helps.

Aveda is 100% cruelty free in every way. They are currently helping to fund research into the environmental links to breast cancer. For the past 9 years Aveda have purchased handmade paper from Nepal for the Christmas Gift Boxes. Aveda are supporting the people of Nepal to rebuild their lives after the Earthquake 2015.

Aveda hair colour is customised by the stylist to cater to each clients individual needs and is up to 99% naturally derived.

So not only do Aveda care for your hair and skin, they care about the Earth and all the people in it too. Cute, right?

Find out more about Aveda Changing lives in Nepal here






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