A little history on hair

My first post has got to be hair related but instead of just throwing loads of pictures of hair styles I like at you, I’m going to let you in on a few hair history facts..

In the 1800’s women wore their hair extremely long, it was seen as being super feminine and desirable. Although loose hair wasn’t something a respectable woman would wear in public. A lady’s hair was ‘owned’ by the husband.

The 1920’s was a huge year for women and their hair! With Flapper girls pushing the boundaries to the very edge with their bare knees and public smoking, these women were the confidence boost the rest of the girls needed. Gone were the Victorian locks and HELLO to the finger waved bob! The neater the finger waves, the wealthier the woman.


In the Renaissance period women would pluck out their front hairline to appear to have a bigger forehead, all this just to show off an elaborate head-piece! I know, crazy right!

I feel so lucky to be working in a salon that is full of talented stylists and beautiful clients. With regular training at Aveda we all stay up to date and passionate about our craft! I find the history of hairdressing so interesting, especially as trends all come back around. Although maybe not the plucking the hair line one!

Hope you found this interesting, feel free to leave a comment 🙂



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